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Catch Some Z's, Not Bed Bugs

Meet with a bed bug removal pro in Lexington, Newberry, Batesburg & Greenwood, SC

Ready to sleep at night without the fear of bed bug bites? Reach out to Enlow Pest Control today. We're a trusted bed bug removal company in Lexington, Newberry, Batesburg & Greenwood, SC. You can rely on us to treat the beds, carpets and furniture in your home. We'll provide fast, effective results so that you don't lose another night of sleep.

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Put your bed bug problem to bed

Bed bug removal has never been easier thanks to Enlow Pest Control. When you hire our bed bug control team in Lexington, Newberry, Batesburg & Greenwood, SC, you can trust us to:

  • Inspect your home and find the source of the problem
  • Use powerful chemicals that will eliminate bed bugs without harming your home, family or pets
  • Conduct a follow-up inspection two weeks after treatment to make sure your home is still bed bug-free

Concerned you might have a bed bug problem? Common signs of an infestation include small bites on your arms or legs, droppings on your pillows or sheets or bugs crawling on or under your bed.