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Trust Us to Take Care of Your Termites

Speak with an experienced termite control contractor in Lexington, Newberry, Batesburg & Greenwood, SC

Does your home or office have a termite problem? Don't let these terrible pests munch away at your building-get in touch with Enlow Pest Control today. You can trust our termite removal crew in Lexington, Newberry, Batesburg & Greenwood, SC to tackle your termite problem before those small bugs cause a big problem.

How do we do it? We use a variety of solutions, including soil and liquid treatments. Our crew will inspect your property and find the perfect solution to your termite problem.

Want to learn more about our termite control services? Call us now at 803-532-5933.

3 signs you have a termite problem

If your building had a termite problem, would you notice? The termite control pros at Enlow Pest Control in Lexington, Newberry, Batesburg & Greenwood, SC are here to make sure that you're prepared. You should call us for termite removal service if:

  1. You see mud tubes on your walls, exterior or foundation
  2. You find piles of wings around your home or office
  3. You notice damaged wood or wood dust near wood features

Not sure if you have a termite problem? No problem-you can trust our termite control experts to find and fix the issue fast.